Maramataka 2023 – why is it such a bestseller?

29 Aug 2023, 8:47 AM

Maramataka 2023 is enjoying huge popularity since its launch last month at Matariki. Its success has taken its publishers – Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti in collaboration with the Rongoā Collective of the ĀRT Confederation – completely by surprise.

Demand for the Maramataka has been so strong that the 2,000 copies printed have been exhausted. But if you missed out, don’t worry – a reprint is on the way.

This year’s is the 16th annual calendar published by Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti. Last year’s was the first with a focus on rongoā and it was highly successful. Maramataka 2023 is taking that success even further.

So what’s the secret? This beautifully crafted resource isn’t just a calendar. Neither is it just a planting guide. Maramataka is a comprehensive system of time that introduces the principles of the Māori lunar calendar. It provides invaluable insights into living in accordance with the traditional wisdom and practices of te taiao – nature.

Maramataka 2022 and 2023 were conceived, written and produced by three esteemed Pou Rongoā (local traditional Māori healers) of the ĀRT Confederation. They are Sharlene Maoate-Davis of Te Ātiawa, Hemaima Wiremu of Ngāti Raukawa and Pania Solomon of Ngāti Toa.

Sharlene Maoate-Davis says the Maramataka aims to empower individuals, whānau and communities with a unique rongoā Māori approach to life and wellbeing.

“The theme of the Maramataka is ‘tirotiro kau au’, encouraging observation. By incorporating this focus into the calendar, the community can understand the importance of a uniquely holistic rongoā Māori approach to life and wellbeing.”

Inspiration has come from many sources. Hemaima Wiremu talks about the sense of history and continuity that informs the Maramataka. “We were inspired by what our tūpuna taught us, whether it was the knowledge we absorbed naturally as children or more recently the research we have consciously undertaken into written sources.”

Place is as important as time. Pania Solomon reflects that “Working on this Maramataka has taken us out onto the whenua to our significant sites – Whitireia, Rangituhi, Battle Hill and Kāpiti. This piece of work encompasses who we are of the ĀRT Confederation.”

Maramataka 2023 is not simply for hanging on the wall. With its beautifully produced mix of wisdom and practicality, it deserves to be consulted and enjoyed on a daily basis.

The Maramataka 2023 is available for purchase at Kāpiti Coast District Council Service Centres in Ōtaki, Waikanae and Paraparaumu for $15 each.

Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti and the Kāpiti Coast District Council are honoured to partner with the Rongoā Collective of the ĀRT Confederation to bring Maramataka 2023 to the community.

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About Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti:

Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti is one of the longest lasting partnerships between tangata whenua and local government in Aotearoa New Zealand. The partners are the Kāpiti Coast District Council and the mana whenua (people with ‘authority over the land’) Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and advancement of Māori knowledge, language, and customs within the Kāpiti region.

About the Rongoā of the ĀRT Confederation:

The Rongoā of the ĀRT Confederation (Ātiawa, Raukawa, Toa Rangatira) is a collective of rongoā practitioners who affiliate to the three mana whenua iwi. The Pou Rongoā have dedicated their lives to the preservation, teaching and promotion of traditional healing and wellness practices. The collective’s mission is “Rongoā in every whānau home”. Through their expertise, Pou Rongoā play a vital role in passing down local wisdom and knowledge to future generations.