Kāpiti Coast District Council ‘adopts’ Whangārei to support their recovery efforts

6 Mar 2023, 4:54 PM

Kāpiti Coast District Council has ‘adopted’ Whangārei District Council to provide solidarity and support to the Northland community recovering from Cyclone Gabrielle’s aftermath.

Kāpiti Coast District Mayor Janet Holborow says it was an easy decision to join Local Government NZ’s ‘Adopt a Community’ initiative which sees councils across the country supporting districts affected by Cyclone Gabrielle.

“Community to community support is one way we can focus our efforts in a dedicated and meaningful way,” says Mayor Holborow.

“For now, our focus is firmly on driving donations straight to the Whangārei Mayoral Relief Fund which gives their Council the ability to direct funds where they’re needed most.”

Whangārei District Mayor Vince Cocurullo welcomes Kāpiti Coast’s aroha and support.

“The full extent of our community need is still unknown, however we have no doubt there will be many reaching out for help in the weeks to come. Any donations that come from the Kāpiti Coast community will be gratefully accepted,” says Mayor Cocurullo.

“Donated relief funds will help with things such as septic tank overflows, filling water tanks, clearing debris from properties, supporting impacted businesses, repairs to assets like fences and footpaths, and assisting people facing financial hardship.

“While we’ve been hit hard, we are rebuilding, and we’re very much open for business.

“Local businesses are feeling the strain from reduced visitor numbers and our local economy is suffering. Full access to Northland will soon be restored, and we hope to see domestic and international visitors returning.”

Mayor Holborow says local government is an important cog in the Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) machine.

“In addition to assessing and responding to their community’s wellbeing and ensuring infrastructure is restored as quickly as possible, Whangārei District Council and their partners continue to do incredible mahi to support people in need,” says Mayor Holborow.

“We know that getting communities back on their feet is a marathon not a sprint. That’s especially true with a disaster of this scale where not just initial support but medium- and long-term support will be important.

“Through the Mayoral Relief Fund, Whangarei District Council and their CDEM counterparts can ensure the right items get to the right people. If you’re able to, we encourage you to support their efforts by way of a donation or plan a trip to this beautiful part of Aotearoa soon.

“I’m also looking to host a fundraising concert featuring local artists later this month.

“It is easy to feel a kinship with Whangārei where the urban centre’s population is surrounded by small coastal towns and rural settlements.

“Following the Auckland floods and Cyclone Gabrielle we responded quickly by providing staff and resources to assist with building inspections, solid waste management, and other functions such as intelligence gathering and communications support. We will be working directly with Whangārei District Council to ascertain other ways Kāpiti can help them.”

Whangārei Mayoral Relief Fund:

Account: 02-0492-0358315-00

Please include name of donor with reference: Mayoral Relief Fund

Should the relief fund reach a point where our community needs are met in response to this event, Whangārei District Council will reallocate any surplus donations towards other Cyclone Gabrielle-affected districts.