Grant progresses food and beverage opportunities in Kāpiti Coast

25 Oct 2023, 5:07 PM

Kāpiti Coast District Council has injected $50,000 towards progressing local food and beverage economic opportunities via a grant to The Bond Store.

Kāpiti Coast District Councillor Liz Koh says the grant supports the establishment of a district-wide Food and Beverage Logistics Hub in Paraparaumu.

“The one-off grant will assist The Bond Store with a fitout of premises in Birmingham Street so it can be scaled to also support the needs of other local food and beverage businesses,” says Cr Koh.

“The grant comes from $325,000 Better of Funding Council received from Central Government earlier this year to support the growth of our food and beverage sector.

“Small producers, artisan food operators, brewers and hospitality businesses are working with Council and the Economic Development Kotahitanga Board to implement the recently launched Food and Beverage Game plan.

“The Plan looks at how the businesses can leverage their strength through a collective approach and economies of scale to help the sector succeed over the next five years.

“In addition to opportunities, the Plan identifies some of the challenges that limit local businesses’ ability to scale up. These include access to cost-effective transport, storage facilities, equipment, and waste reduction infrastructure.

“The Bond Store’s move to larger premises, provides other food and beverage businesses with opportunities for storage, delivery point efficiencies, and distribution solutions. Smaller businesses without established premises or access to bottling and labelling machines, forklifts, and other equipment will also benefit.

“This really is a great success story and evidence of how well collective efforts are moving our economy forward.”

Economic Development Kotahitanga Board endorsed The Bond Store’s application at their 27 September meeting says Board Chair Neil MacKay.

“The Food and Beverage Cluster programme, initiated as part of the implementation of the Kāpiti Coast Economic Development Strategy 2020-23, has helped connect, engage, and inspire collaboration on commercial and market opportunities, and strengthened the entrepreneurial flair of a growing cluster of businesses,” says Mr MacKay.

“The food and beverage cluster in Sheffield Street, where businesses are working together on joint marketing initiatives, events and shared facilities is a great example.

“The new Birmingham Street logistics hub will build on this momentum. The premises will also include a tasting room, providing visitors the opportunity to sample and buy local products, while producers will have the opportunity to work together, sharing knowledge and capacity.

“In the current economic climate, where business resources are stretched, working strategically with like-minded business is proving to be successful in Kāpiti.”