Grants allocated to 25 community groups improving social outcomes in Kāpiti

7 Jun 2024, 4:00 PM

The Kāpiti Coast District Council Grants Allocation Committee has awarded community grants to 25 non-profit and community groups to support a diverse range of projects.

The Community Grant Scheme helps support community-based projects, programmes, and events that improve social outcomes for people living in Kāpiti.

Kāpiti Coast District Councillor and Grants Allocation Committee Chair Nigel Wilson says this year the Council’s Grants Allocation Committee prioritised applications that encourage greater community participation, improve the quality of life for the project’s participants, and partner with a range of community groups including iwi and hapū.

Kaibosh volunteers Penny and Jill cutting apples at a kitchen table.

Kaibosh volunteers Penny and Jill. View larger image.

“Grants of up to $2,000 were available from a total pool of $40,000,” says Cr Wilson. 

“As a local government, we’re responsible for enhancing community wellbeing. Providing small grants to support grass-roots organisations that work to benefit our communities is just one way we do this.

“Thank you to the 34 groups that applied for a grant this year. We’re fortunate to have so many extraordinary groups whose mahi makes Kāpiti a better place, but with a limited pool of funds we were unable to fund every project.

“This year, 25 successful recipients will use their grants to contribute to projects that will help communities connect and enhance the quality of life for the project's participants.

“Their projects provide a wide range of services and support from social housing, wellbeing, and counselling, to conservation, community education, and early childhood support.

“We’re pleased to support their important work.”

Community grant recipients 2024/25:

Recipient Project

Actively Coping with Cancer 

$1,702.00 to assist with hall hire and facilitation of weekly support sessions.  

Age Concern Kāpiti Coast Incorporated 

$2,000.00 to help with costs of production of a monthly newsletter. 

Cobblers Soup 

$1,500.00 to purchase a new freezer for surplus vegetables/soup.  

Digital Seniors 

$2,000.00 to extend their service to Kāpiti and for wages, consumables, and advertising.  

Energise Ōtaki 

$2,000.00 to contribute to costs associated with transporting bikes for their working bees. 

Good Bitches Trust 

$1,800.00 for administration and pro-rated equipment costs associated with their GBB Baking it Better programme in Kāpiti.  

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Kapiti 

$2,000.00 to cover equipment and administration to provide emergency packs for a new support group in Ōtaki. 


$2,000.00 for seasonal cooking classes for partner charities to increase understanding of how to cook using the food which would typically come in Kaibosh hampers to make healthy, balanced, affordable meals.  

KapiMana Multiples 

$1,755.40 for new whānau support through household hampers, connection meetings for families with multiples under two, and Merino clothes for tamariki recently out of NICU.  

Kapiti Autism Parent Support Group 

$150.00 for room rental for the peer support group for Kāpiti families living with autism.  

Kapiti Community Foodbank Inc 

$2,000.00 to contribute to the purchasing of meat  as their current supplier has ended its support.  

Kapiti Horticultural Association 

$700.00 to towards established trees to plant in high-use community spaces.  

Kapiti Loss and Grief Centre 

$1,700.00 to invest in more comfortable chairs and a eco-friendly printer.  

Kapiti Women's Health Collective Inc 

$2,000.00 to go towards administration and tutor costs for their annual Centre Worker Volunteer training programme.  

L'Arche Kāpiti Incorporated 

$1,912.00 to upgrade their productive gardens by increasing the  nursery size, building a larger hot-house, and ongoing development of garden beds and irrigation systems. 

MenzShed Kapiti Incorporated 

$2,000.00 for administration costs to support  community group projects. 

Ngā Manu Trust 

$1,778.00 to purchase warm gear for volunteers’ use.  

Ōtaki Toy Library 

$1,435.00 to purchase new toys for children 5-8 years old, and contribute to advertising costs.  

Paekākāriki Housing Trust 

$1,500.00 to contribute to two part-time roles. 

Paekakariki Speakeasy 

$600.00 to contribute to venue hire costs for members to practise public speaking skills.  

The Nest Collective 

$2,000.00 to contribute towards essentials packs (clothing, toys, nappies, bedding, books, and more) for vulnerable young families. 

Volunteer Kāpiti  

$2,000.00 to better support Kāpiti Youth to volunteer and develop opportunities for young people that are flexible and align with other programmes/employment opportunities.  

Kapiti Coast Workers Educational Association Inc (Kāpiti WEA) 

$1,483.00 for course administration expenses to support community-based adult education.  

Paraparaumu Beach School 

$1,000.00 to put on their annual Matariki event and contribute towards hangi, lighting and electrical equipment hire costs.  

The Kilns at Te Horo 

$984.60 to train and provide equipment for volunteers. 

More information about the Community Grant Scheme.