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Water Standard Drawings

Standard drawings are downloadable in pdf format from the links on this page, alternatively AutoCAD versions of the drawings are available on request.

WS-001: Typical Mains Construction - reticulation main arrangements

WS-002: Typical Mains Construction - distribution and trunk mains

WS-003: Property Services - connection to main

WS-004: Thrust Blocks - concrete block details

WS-005: Thrust and Anchor Blocks - gate valves and vertical bends

WS-006: Valve and Hydrant  - identification markers

WS-007: Mains and Rider Mains - sluice valve box and air release valve

WS-008: Mains and Rider Mains - fire hydrants

WS-009: Mains and Rider Mains - flushing points and gate/peet valves

WS-010: Mains and Rider Mains - watermain diversion

WS-011: Water Service Connection - typical connections with manifold

WS-012: Water Service Connection - 50mm meter installation with RPZ

WS-013: Water Service Connection - typical layout of >DN100 RPZ installation and fire supplies

WS-014: Water Service Connection - dual restricted supply manifold

WS-015: Water Service Connection - typical manifold for ROW and ridermain connections

Approved Water Supply Products and Materials

Land developments and infrastructure must be designed, approved and built to Council standards, national codes and regulations (such as building, plumbing and drain laying) using appropriate products and materials. Below is a link to the approved products and materials you can use with Council's water supply network.

Approved Water Supply Products and Materials List

If you have any questions, or wish to apply to include a product or material on the list, please contact the Water Asset Manager.

Rural Fire Tanks

The New Zealand Fire Services require 100mm female round thread couplings on all rural fire tanks.  Coupling information and a connection diagram are available from the links below: 

Water couplings

Connection diagram