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Community Outcomes

The vision for the Kāpiti Coast's future is an exciting one and each community on the Coast has its own view of the flavour and colour of that future.

The Kāpiti Coast community’s vision for the future is described as Community Outcomes.  The community has developed seven outcome areas, which are supported by Local Outcomes Statements, to reflect the individual local focus of the different geographical areas of the District.

The seven community outcome areas are:

  • Outcome 1: There are healthy natural systems which people can enjoy
  • Outcome 2: Local character is retained within a cohesive District
  • Outcome 3: The nature and rate of population growth is appropriate to community goals
  • Outcome 4: The Community makes wise use of local resources and people have the ability to act in a sustainable way on a day to day basis
  • Outcome 5: There is increased choice to work locally
  • Outcome 6: The District is a place that works for young people
  • Outcome 7: The District has a strong, healthy, safe and involved community

Turning these seven districtwide outcomes into reality requires the Council to take the vision and develop associated timescales, funding and action plans.  These are detailed in the Long Term Plan.

Community Outcomes publication

Choosing Futures: the community's vision for the Kāpiti Coast District (PDF, 28 pages, 173Kb)

Local Outcomes

These give the Community Outcomes a local focus and contain area-specific detail.