Stormwater outfall being replaced on Paekākāriki beach

24 Jan 2024, 1:05 PM

A stormwater outfall on the beach near Beach Road, Paekākāriki will be replaced in mid-February, reports Kāpiti Coast District Council.

Sean Mallon, Council’s Group Manager – Infrastructure, says the work will be carried out after the summer school holidays, in periods of calm weather when we expect lower-than-normal tides.

“To avoid congestion on the corner of Beach Road and The Parade, our contractor will access the beach from just south of the Fisherman’s Table restaurant. A construction zone will be cordoned off in this area,” said Mr Mallon.

“A digger will be used to break the pipe into pieces and it’ll be loaded onto a beach-capable vehicle for removal. At times, traffic management will be set up on Beach Road near the site.

“Weather dependent, work is expected to begin on Monday 12 February and take approximately three weeks.”

The replacement outfall will sit behind rocks and will not extend out onto the beach. This will reduce its impact and improve amenity for beach users.

The existing outfall structure was built around 1936. It’s deteriorating and parts of the pipe are breaking off into the sea. A 2021 condition assessment rated the outfall pipe as being in poor condition and recommended it be replaced within two-to-five years. A further safety assessment in 2022 identified the pipe could injure people if it fails.