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Expressways Reports

Following NZTA's August 2009 announcement of consultation on options for the route of the Expressway, the Council commissioned considerable expert analysis and advice to assist it in formulating its response to the NZTA proposals.


Planning experts outline process

The process to designate a corridor for an expressway could take many years according to this review of the Resource Management Act (RMA), even after the latest RMA streamlining changes made by the Government.


Constructability and Cost Review (including maps)

These reports considered the route alignment and possible intersection layouts to scale, so as to enable a better understanding of the actual impacts of the route options which was not evident from NZTA's published maps and information. View Beca Infrastructure reports here.


Transport Review

This report provides a comparison between the east and western expressway option.


An addendum to the Transport Review report clarifies that a four lane State Highway can provide the necessary throughput even if the growth rate was 2% per annum.  Theoretically, the Kāpiti Coast section of highway, upgraded correctly, could accommodate expected traffic growth for at least 50 years.


Ecological Review

This report summarises a desk top review of areas in proximity to the proposed alignment (October 2009) that have already been identified as Ecological Sites.  It also identifies which areas will, are likely to be, or could possibly be impacted by the proposed alignment, and the ecological issues that may result.


Social Effects

This report addressed social effects such as community severence, noise and other effects which are important to residents and the community which the road passes through.


Urban Design

Common Ground Consultants assessed the urban design impacts of the Expressway which would lead to the best long term outcomes for the community.


Economic Impact

This report discusses the economic impact of a road which avoids Town Centres and one that is integrated with the Town Centres.


Effects on Property, Retail and Commercial

Any roading option will have some impact on property, retail and commercial activity.  These two reports look at the impact an Expressway will have on these areas.


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