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Guides and Forms

The following guides and forms will be useful when making submissions or applications to the Kāpiti Coast District Council.



Kāpiti has a thriving arts scene, making it an exciting creative destination for locals and visitors alike.

  • Guidelines for Buskers Buskers wanting to perform within the Kāpiti Coast District should view these Guidelines so you can maximise your success and avoid complaints from residents.


Building Consents - Forms and Checklists

A full list of building consent forms, including the standard application form, and checklists to assit with your building consent application are available for download or print here. 

Community Board Funding

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Community Grants Scheme and Creative Communities Scheme

The Kāpiti Coast District Council sponsors many grants and funds for the Kāpiti Coast Community.  
View information about Community funding and associated application forms here.

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Council Housing

The Kāpiti Coast District Council provides housing for qualifying older persons, and has over 118 flats in 10 locations throughout the District. 
View more information, including application forms, here.

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Dog Ownership

The Dog Ownership section of this site details the requirements for dog owners and their animal is the Kāpiti Coast District.

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Earthworks and Archaeological Sites

A brochure on earthworks and archaeological sites, to encourage contractors, landscapers, developers and land owners to take precautions before digging.
View the brochure here.

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Environment Health

The Food and Health Licenses section details the requirements for registering and maintaining Food ventures with Kāpiti Coast District Council.

View more information about preparing and selling food at events, fairs and/or market food stalls here. 

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General Election Signs 2017 - guidelines for political parties

The Council has a role to administer the Electoral Act’s rules around where and when electoral signage can be displayed in the lead up to an election. Guidelines have been developed for the 2017 Election for the advice of parties and the local community.

Signs can be put up from Saturday 22 July and must be removed before Election Day which is on Saturday 23 September.

The Electoral Act and Council

  • The Electoral Act sets out the rules about when electoral signage can be set up by political party candidates.
  • This Act is administered by the Ministry of Justice
  • The Council’s role is to apply those rules at a local level, following the guidance of the Act.

Who is responsible for what?

Our District Plan includes certain restrictions on where signs can be. Signs can be up to 3 square metres and printed on both sides.

Council-managed properties - there are ten approved locations throughout the district. (Maps of permitted locations are shown in the guidelines).

There are also specific rules for parked trailer signs and there are a number of streets around the district with high traffic volume where these cannot be used.

On private property - signs can be placed within one metre of the boundary, with the written consent of the owner.

The NZTA is responsible for signs on State Highways. In Kāpiti that means the Expressway and the old State Highway 1 road.

Our Compliance team can also offer more specific advice on the permitted placement of signs. Council will investigate any concerns raised by the community. People with additional questions can get in touch with Compliance on 296 4700 or 0800 486 486.

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Heritage Fund

The Heritage Fund aims to assist and actively encourage landowners and members of the Kāpiti Coast community to manage, protect and enhance heritage features throughout the district. 
View more information and application forms here.

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LIM Reports

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) will help property buyers and sellers, real estate agents, valuers and lawyers, lenders and insurers.  Download LIM application form and information sheet here.

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Liquor Licensing

All brochures and application forms relating to Liquor Licensing are available online for download.  View application forms here. 

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Native Tree Protection brochure and growing guide

Download a copy of the native tree brochure and growing guide from the Sustaining our environment page here.

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Rates Remissions

Under the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002, Kāpiti Coast District Council may write off part or all of the rates subject to certain criteria being met. 
View more information about this process here.  

Rates Remission for Land Protected for Natural or Cultural Conservation Purposes

Rates Remission applications are now open for the 2012/13 Rating year.  The objective is to preserve and promote natural resources and heritage land to encourage the maintenance, enhancement and protection of land for natural or cultural purposes.  
Rates Remission Application Form - Land Protected for Natural or Cultural Conservation Purposes

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Resource Consents

Resource consent applications take 20 working days, provided all the necessary information is included and your proposed project does not need to be notified. 
View information about this process and application forms here, along with the Temporary Events Management Plan.

See more information on Resource Consents here

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To help you understand roading requirements on the Kāpiti Coast visit the Roads section of this website.  To download checklists and instruction guides, go here.

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Subdivision and Development

We have checklists available to help you meet the requirements of the Kāpiti Coast Subdivision and Development Principles.  

See more information about subdivision and development here

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Trade Waste

The Trade Waste Management section of this site has forms, checklists and instructions to help you understand Trade Waste management.

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Walking and Cycling Guide

Connecting People to their Community and People to the Land.

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A wastewater alteration/connection form must be completed and submitted to Council prior to any work commencing. 
View the application form here.Top of page

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Water Supply

Application forms for a new water connection or to draw water from a council filling point can be downloaded here.





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